Saturday, June 7, 2008

Choices and Hillary Rodham Clinton

As I mentioned in my last blog, I was discouraged Hillary Rodham Clinton would not be nominated as the Democratic Candidate for President. I heard some positive comments on NPR regarding how Hillary needs to decompress from the stress of the campaign and reflect on her experience.

I doubted it as I listened, but tried to be optimistic. Although I never believed I subscribed to blatant feminine gender bias, I understand how it could easily be viewed that way. My attempt to help girls and women see infinite possibilities and infinite choices could be misconstrued. I just want to emphasize that intelligence, wisdom, inner beauty and grace are incredibly more important than choosing the Britney Spears/Paris Hilton way to fame.

The same day my daughter sent me a link to Rebecca Walker's commentary Best woman for the job could be a man. Rebecca's perspective is truly honorable. Two lines stood out to me.

The first is: It is time to turn the page on myopic gender-based Feminism and concede that while patriarchy is real, so is female greed, dishonesty and corruptibility. It's time to empower the feminisms embodied by millions of women and men who care about everyone, including, but not limited to, women.

The second is: I spoke at Harvard a few years ago on the necessity of ending divisiveness and relying more on the human capacity for openness as a baseline for true progress. This position is necessary not only in feminist circles, but in the primal fight or flight mechanism of our own minds. Visit for more powerful and transformative thoughts.

Like Hillary or not, she has demonstrated what a strong woman can be. Many thought we would not hear much from Al Gore after he lost the election in 2000 and he proved them wrong. Now Hillary has infinite choices as to what she wants to do next. Ending divisiveness might just be on her agenda.

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Frank said...

I wish Hillary had gotten the nomination for many reasons. But suffice it say, I think she would have been a great president.